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App Agro

Postby Agro » Fri May 23, 2014 9:48 pm

Hi all.

What is your in game name, profession and level, and who are your alts?

Agrokeep (keeper, 205)

Alts - Andu (crat 220), Agronomz (adv 220), Dragofists (ma 217), Agrotech (eng 207), Agrosahde (shade - 165), Agross (sold - 215)

How would you describe yourself as an MMO player?
Prefer team mode.

Have you been in another organization on RK2?
Never played on RK2

What do you think Vox Populi can give you?
More fun than playing in solo mode. Raids. Friendly ppl to communicate with in AO.

How can you contribute to the Vox Populi family?
I am the best :))))))) But is seriously then i think i can help in raids and other stuff with my bunch of alts .

What timezone are you in?
EU +2

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